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At Home DIY Protocols

Sometimes we just want to try addressing symptoms at home before setting up an appointment.  At BWPM we completely respect this, and want to help you find solutions to common issues.  We have cultivated some of our favorite treatment protocols  and shared them with you below.

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth Protocol

This intensive 30-day program that combines the power of evidence-based, targeted nutritional supplementation with a user-friendly guidebook to empower individuals to strategically help balance the gut microbiome and promote optimal digestion.

The Dynamic Detox 28-Day Program is a nutritional plan designed to support your body’s natural metabolic detoxification processes while providing ample fuel for both cleansing and other daily activities, thereby promoting overall well-being.  

28 Day Detox

ProLon, a groundbreaking fasting-mimicking diet, that has been garnering significant attention for its potential health and longevity benefits.  A 5-day dietary program that allows you to experience the benefits of fasting without completely abstaining from food. 

Fasting Mimicking Diet

At Home DIY Wellness Testing

Interested in learning more about your Functional Wellness?  For those interested in taking a deeper dive into their health, home test kits are a great option for beginners.  Here are some options for DIY test kits that you can do from the comfort go your own home.

Functional Wellness & Health Education Packages

Interested in doing Functional Wellness testing on your own to help you gain a deeper understanding of your health?  Here are some options for DIY test kits that you can do from the comfort go your own home, then review your results with our Health Educator to get your health back on track.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Not all essential oils are the same in quality and consistency.  Our favorite, quality, sustainably sourced essential oil brand is doTerra.

Confused about water filters for your drinking water?  Learn more about the best water filters for your home by learning more at the EWG Water Database.

Do you know what is in your water?  We absorb 100% of whatever comes in contact with our skin. Check out your water safety here.  Our favorite shower water filter is Berkey.

Through just a single test, the 3X4 blueprint gives you access to a paradigm-shifting health and wellness tool that will equip you with everything you need to make empowered decisions about your own health. 

Staff picks

These are a few of our favorite things!  Keep checking back here to see updated 

links to our staff picks.  We will continue to update this section to keep you informed of new things that we get to know and love.  You can also send us your favorite things and we will review them and add them here if we love them as much as you!

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