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Personalized Medicine is all about YOU!

Reclaim your health

Welcome to BluWillo Precision Medicine, a transformational healthcare practice centered around bringing YOU affordable, personalized medicine. Our functional medicine trained, integrative healthcare providers partner with you, helping you reclaim and maintain your health utilizing proven Precision Medicine techniques.
  • Preventative care 
  • Personalized treatment plans
  • Advanced lab testing
  • Flexible treatment options to meet your needs
Functional wellness & advanced lab testing
Preventive care
Integrative & holistic personalized treatment plans
Functional medicine consults

Our Process



Initial 60 Min Consult
Precision Testing 
Personalized Plan

Schedule your Initial 60 minute Consultation, complete our Pre-Appointment Questionnaires, receive access to our exclusive "Rooting Your Tree of Health" educational webinar series.

Based on your history & symptoms, your provider will recommend precision lab testing, some of which can be billed to insurance.

Complete a 60 minute Initial Lab Review Follow Up, develop your Personalized & Integrative Recommendations. Choose the level of care that will offer you the support you need.


The BWPM Membership

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Gina saved my life.  No one listened to me for months about how I felt.  When I saw Gina, she sent me right to the cardiologist and I got a pacemaker within the week.

Denise J.

After listening to my symptoms, the providers at BWPM tested me for mold illness & they were right!  After my treatments I feel back to my old self!  I highly recommend this practice.

Charlene P.

I was on hormone therapy from another clinic and still felt terrible.  The providers at BWPM tested my hormones and saw that I was not being treated properly.  They individualized my care and balanced my hormones.  

Kassie C.

Gina Ditta-Donahue, FNP-C, ABAAHP


Family Nurse Practitioner

Mind Body Facilitator

Health & Wellness Educator

Meet our Founder and Visionary

Clinic Manager

Certified Health & Life Coach

Olivia Elliott, MA
Meet our Health $ Life Coach and Clinic Manager
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