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Behavior Change Model Coaching

Our health and life coaching process helps you remove barriers to your own success.   We like to think of your health journey as moving up a ladder of success, allowing you to make small accomplishments which build on each other until you reach the top.  Sometimes, it can be challenging to even get to the ladder, let alone take that first step.

Achieving health & life goals is like climbing a ladder, one step at a time.

Having a health and life coach can be like having a teammate or partner on your journey to add accountability and support along the way.   Choosing to make meaningful changes in your life can feel scary and overwhelming, but it does not have to be.  A coach can help reduce the stress that comes along with making changes - even positive ones.  This is important because stress causes a cascade of physical changes to occur in the brain.  These changes shut down our ability to think clearly, respond rationally and make decisions that align with our health and life goals.

When we are able to reduce stress or learn how to manage it, not only will we be able to make choices we feel good about but we can reduce inflammation that may be causing weight gain, weight loss resistance or is keeping you stuck and not moving forward on your life path.

Our health and life coaching program takes you through a proven process which helps you work on all areas of your health and life including:

* Movement, exercise & rest

* Nutrition

* Your physical environment

* Relationships & communication

* Spirituality

* Personal & professional development

* Mind body connection

"Big Doors Swing From Small Hinges"
"Big doors swing from 
small hinges."
- Olivia Elliott, MA, Certified Health & Life Coach

Coaching options

Coaching is like having a life partner to keep you moving forward.

Enroll in our 3 Month Intense Coaching Program

During your weekly virtual visits you will challenge false beliefs, discover your personal barriers for success, set realistic and meaningful goals.  This 3 month commitment can be all that some people need to achieve their goals, or may be "getting to the ladder" for others and a great place to start a transformative journey.

you weight loss journey will be as unique as you are.

Enroll in our 6 Month Focused Weight Loss Program

This program is designed for individuals that want to focus on medical guided weight loss.  It includes health and life coaching, three visits with one of our health care providers and personalized compounded medication.  Foundational labs are checked and can be billed through insurance.

We meet you where you are.

Join our Advanced Support Membership


This 12 month membership is designed to designed to incorporate both additional time with our providers and unlimited coaching.  Whether you are seeking weight loss, chronic symptom management or support to move yourself forward on your life path, this personalized approach may be the best path for you.

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