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  • Metabolomics Spotlight
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Metabolomics Spotlight

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The Metabolomics Spotlight test provides an in-depth analysis of the function & efficiency of multiple aspects of an individual's unique biochemistry.  This information allows you to understand your metabolic pathways & reveals your unique metabolic state.

  • Discover your unique metabolic signature with Designs for Health Metabolomics Spotlight™ functional wellness test.


    The Metabolomics Spotlight functional wellness test analysis provides an in-depth view of the function and efficiency of multiple aspects of an individual’s unique biochemistry and metabolism. This analysis will assist practitioners in unraveling their client’s metabolic pathways and revealing their metabolic status.

    Metabolomix Spotlight test kit which examines:

    • Metabolic & macronutrient processing

    • Mitochondrial function & micronutrient status

    • Amino acid, protein, & neurotransmitter metabolism

    • Inflammatory response & oxidative stress

    • Detoxification & microbial metabolites

    • Stress, mood & overall well-being

    Access to view your Functional Wellness test results through the Well World app. 

    The Designs for Health Spotlight tests are not diagnostic and are not eligible for coverage under Medicare, Medicaid or other medical insurance.  These tests are not available for purchase in New York or US Territories.

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