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  • Omega 3 Index Plus Test

Omega 3 Index Plus Test

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The Omega-3 Index Plus Test measures fatty acid levels in the blood and reports omega-3, omega-6 and trans fat blood levels.

Do you know your number?

When you take an Omega-3 Index test it gives you a percentage, which is simply a measure of the amount of EPA and DHA in your blood. An Omega-3 Index of 8% or higher is ideal, the lowest risk zone.◆ However, most people hover around 6% or below. And unfortunately in the US, most people are at 4% or below—the highest risk zone.◆

Raising your Omega-3 Index to the desirable zone of 8% will help ensure you are getting enough of the right omega-3s—EPA and DHA—to protect your health.◆

Learn more about your cells with the Omega-3 Index Plus Test. This test measures:

• Omega-3 Index
• Trans Fat Index
• Omega-6:Omega-3 Ratio
• AA:EPA Ratio

  • All sales final.  No returns available on this test.

  • You kit will arrive in 3-7 days from the time you place your order.  Simply follow the directions in the kit.  Complete your contact information and your labs will be sent to you directly when available.

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