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5 Benefits of ProCell Microchanneling

ProCell Therapies Microchanneling service is microneedling ... evolved! Microchanneling stimulates collagen and your natural healing cascade by creating microchannels to deliver peptides, growth factors & cytokines. A tiny array of microfilaments is gently applied to create thousands of stimulating microchannels in your skin. It rejuvenates with little to no recovery time, and produces both corrective and anti-aging benefits. The Microchannel Delivery Solution works along with the post care Serum & Accelerator to augment your wound healing cascade for the entire healing cycle. The serums contain robust, pristine cytokines during the treatment, and support cell proliferation throughout the wound healing for the next few weeks.

With the addition of our stem cell growth factor serums, all skin types and most skin conditions can experience improved appearance including:

1. Resolution of fine lines & wrinkles

By inducing the production of collagen we can promote firming, lifting and filling out of the skin. Collagen will continue to be produced for three months following each treatment.

2. Improved acne scars and fading of hyperpigmentation

Procell microchanneling is about STIMULATION, not INFLAMMATION. The mechanism of action for microchanneling is not damage or destruction of tissue, but rather stimulation of the stem cell layer at the Dermal Epidermal (D/E) Junction to activate fibroblastic activity & initiate the wound-healing cascade.

3. Decreased stretch marks

Microchanneling on the body produces the same lifting and healing effects as microchanneling on the face. By stimulating collagen production and introducing stem cell growth factors, the appearance of stretch marks can be significantly improved.

4. Safer than other traditional devices

Other devices such as pens and rollers drag and scratch the skin. Procell is based on the proper stamping technique first described as superior by Des Fernandez and Lance Setterfield.

5. Less downtime than other procedures

Most people have some redness (similar to sun exposure) for 24-48 hours after the procedure. However, you can apply sunscreen after 90 minutes and return to regular makeup the following day.

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