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Fasting & Longevity

In this episode of Elevate the Conversation, Gina and Health Coach Olivia Elliott talk about their experiences following the Prolon 5 day Fasting Mimicking Diet.

Fasting has been part of religious and health practices for much of human history. What makes the Prolon FMD is the incredible research and science that backs up the plant-based nutrition technology of this 5 day program. Fasting or a fasting mimicking diet is not for everyone.

Gina always cautions that we must find "the right diet in the right body at the right time." However, in relatively health individuals the 5 day FMD can provide great benefits to address inflammation, autoimmune markers, improve insulin sensitivity and to promote cellular rejuvenation.

Cautions: Individuals that have suffered prolonged stress, are on insulin or blood sugar regulating medications, are currently being treated for cancer or who are significantly immunocompromised should not follow this diet.

To learn more about the Prolon 5 day FMD, please click here.

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