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ADHD in Adult Women

Updated: Feb 19

As an adult woman do you suffer from brain fog, difficulty finishing tasks, irritability, anxiety, mind chatter at night or difficulty focusing?

These are common symptoms of hormone imbalance and menopause - but they can also be symptoms of ADHD.

In this episode of Elevate the Conversation, Gina and Olivia share their personal experiences learning about neurodivergence vs neurotypical behavior and share their own struggles with ADHD symptoms.

If you think you may have ADHD, consider taking this free online test and see what your results show: Individuals with ADHD are often intelligent and capable of being change agents - their outside the box thinking is an asset to people around them. BUT, learning how to harness this power takes time, attention and help.

Our integrative approach includes lab testing to evaluate sex hormones, active thyroid hormones, nutrition levels and inflammatory markers. We work with you to discover the best lifestyle and diet strategies that can help you manage your symptoms and keep you functioning at your optimal level.

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