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Address Skin Aging at the Root

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

Healthy skin is often viewed as a reflection of your overall health, so in order to best treat most skin issues we need to go deeper.

Pro-Cell MicroChanneling

ProCell microchanneling is how we deliver nutrients and growth factors below the skin surface to stimulate deeper healing. This simple in office procedure helps improve the appearance of aging skin, increases the vitality of skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, acne & acne scarring. It also improves the clinical health of your skin by stimulating a rejuvenation cascade that your body has built in, just waiting to be activated.

ProCell offers collagen stimulation by using a tiny array of micro-filaments to create thousands of stimulating microchannels in your skin. Nutrients and growth factors delivered below the skin surface helps to rejuvenate the appearance of skin with little to no recovery time, and produce both corrective and anti-aging results. This method can be used on the face and body to treat problem areas.

ProCell can be used to help improve:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Acne scars

  • Hyperpigmentation

  • Skin Laxity

  • Stretch Marks

  • Hair Loss

Microchanneling can be performed in the office or at home with your own stamper.

The home stamper device is designed to be used once a week for 12 weeks. It is a gentle device, going to a depth of 0.25 mm. This is a great option for individuals who have never had any professional skin treatments to the skin or perform their treatments from the comfort of their own home.

In office treatments start at 0.5 mm in depth and can go as deep at 2.0 mm. The depth of treatment is determined during your skin consultation and is determined by a number of factors.

There are some conditions which require pre-procedure conversations or treatment, these include:

  • Personal history of herpes/cold sores

  • Personal history of daily blood thinners

There are some conditions that may be contraindicated for microchanneling, these include:

  • Personal history of keloid scarring

  • Personal history of scleroderma

  • Personal history of compromised immune system

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

At Elevate we have created a unique in office microchanneling experience. First we draw your blood and spin it down to capture your own growth factors. Second we combine your growth factors with a compounded formula made specifically to treat your unique skin concerns. Next we microchannel this mixture onto your treatment area. Finally, we cover the area with a gentle mask to allow full penetration of these active ingredients.

Growth factors can be found in several areas in the body, one of which is platelets - a specific type of blood cell.

To obtain growth factors from your own platelets we draw your blood into a specific tube with a special gel. The blood is spun in a special centrifuge. The end result is scientifically verified to have a specific concentration of platelets. This process leaves us with what is known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP is recommended to address specific conditions such as hair loss, scarring, and significant signs of aging.

Another method for obtaining growth factors is obtained by drawing blood in a regular tube (with no gel separator) and spinning it down, it is possible to separate the blood cells and draw out the serum with platelets. This produces a product called Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP). This is not the most precise method for collecting platelets, meaning that there may be a varied concentration of platelets each time the blood is drawn and spun. This method still produces visible results and is a great option for those on a budget or just trying out professional skin care.

Microchanneling Vs. Microneedling

Microchanneling is different from microneedling. Microchanneling uses a thin microfilament that is applied at a 90 degree angle to the skin, creating even channels that penetrate straight into the skin. Every channel is uniform with the same depth, same width and there is no resulting inflammation. These channels stay open for a short period of time (less than 18 hours) and can be used to deliver nutrients into the skin for maximum effectiveness.

Microneedling uses needles that are larger in diameter and often applied to the skin using a device that is either dragged across the skin or rolled over the skin. This method punctures the skin at uneven angles, with varied depths and causes an inflammatory response. The puncture holes will provide the same benefit to deliver nutrients into the skin, but there is down time following the procedure with inflammation and the potential for scarring.

Compounded Skin Care Products

We offer a completely personalized approach to your long term skin care regimen. By working with a compounding pharmacist , we are able to design skin care products that address your specific concerns. The beauty of compounded skin care is that we can put many active ingredients into a single cream to address aging, even out skin tone, build collagen, address dark spots under the eyes, and tighten areas with fine wrinkles. By combining microchanneling and compounded skin creams we are able to deliver a unique and effective skin care routine that is individualized for you.

Please call 470-266-1380 to schedule your 10 minute skin screening to discover how we can help you take your skin care regimen to the next level.

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