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Stress, Dental Health & TMJ

In this version of Elevate the Conversation podcast, Gina speaks with Dr Jonathon Chang, DMD about stress, stress management and the post-Covid effects of stress on jaw related issues.

Dr Chang shares his personal experiences with how stress affected his wife's health and what he began to see in his dental practice. Dr Chang reviews tips, tricks, and treatment options for chronic jaw related issues. Headaches, prominent jaw muscles, cracked molars and increased cavities can be signs that you should visit a dentist that works with jaw disorders.

Simple home remedies to help with chronic jaw pain and headaches include:

  • "Lips together, teeth apart" - relax the muscles in your jaw and breath during the day

  • Magnesium glycinate - consider taking some magnesium during the day or at night - this is a great muscle relaxer and can help calm nerves as well as relieve muscle tension (it can also cause decreased blood pressure, drowsiness, diarrhea and interact with some medication so please consult your medical provider prior to starting any supplements)

  • Self massage - periodically during the day take a quick 1-2 min break and massage the muscles in your jaw, the back of your neck, your shoulders and intentionally let go of the stress you may be carrying in these areas

If you want to learn more about Sweet City Smiles, the dental appliances Dr Chang offers, or want to schedule an appointment, please contact him directly here:

To learn more about Gina's practice, please visit BluWillo Precision Medicine here:

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